Final expenses are costs that someone in your family will have to pay to bury or cremate you and settle your estate.  This includes body preparation or cremation, transportation, visitation and funeral services, a cemetery plot or urn, an officiant, taxes, flowers, attendance book, thank you cards, probate court costs, attorney’s fees, death certificates, obituaries,… whew! And that’s not all!

So here’s the basic questions you need answers to:

How much does that stuff cost?

Who’s going to pay it?

Answering question #1 is easy.  Click Here to see average costs for various options in your area.

Answering question #2 can be more complicated.

  1. Option 1 – The easiest solution for your family, is for you to purchase Final Expense insurance.  $5,000 of final expense insurance in KS and MO for a male 69 years young runs between $35 and $60 per month depending on health conditions.  ($10,000 costs $70 – 120 / month and so on up to $40,000) These are not term policies, but lifetime.  Premiums never go up and benefits never go down. In most cases, they develop cash value that can be borrowed against in the future.  Some also allow for early withdrawal of a portion of the death benefit in the case of a terminal illness.


  1. Option 2 – Having family members or significant others foot the bill. This is a topic that should be discussed prior to your passing.  Surprises can cause family strife at an already stressful time.  Family members might prefer to purchase Final Expense insurance for you rather than have all the expense at one time.


As a final consideration, ask your self “Who is going to coach my family through all the details?”   The answer to that question is the easiest of all.  We provide FREE to you a membership in the “Legacy Safeguard” program sponsored by Mutual of Omaha.  Nothing to buy, just lots of good advice and FREE services. 


A Legacy Safeguard adviser can help your family with:

  • Funeral Arrangements

  • Travel discounts (for people coming from out of town)

  • Getting death certificates

  • Filing death claims with insurance companies

  • Finding a reliable attorney to handle probate

  • Assisting with car rentals

  • Negotiating hotel discounts

  • Coordinating security for the family’s home during the memorial service

  • And much more…

This expert guidance is at no cost to you or your family. When the time comes, the only thing your family needs to know is the phone number of Legacy SafeGuard. (866-903-1827).  

Death and taxes are the only sure things in life.  Make both easy on your family by signing up today for your FREE Legacy Safeguard account.  Simply click on the Legacy Safeguard button above.

Ever Wonder How Much It Cost to Die?